Saturday, Nov. 24th              Jersey Shore Roller Girls

Door 6:30pm     Whistle 8pm                                                                Convention Hall


The Jersey Shore Roller Girls, like many of our neighbors, families and friends were deeply affected by Superstorm Sandy. Life changed for all of us on the fateful day. Our beautiful coastline was decimated, homes were destroyed, lives upended, everything that we knew changed in a blink of an eye. Once we found out that Convention Hall was cleared to open we, as a league, struggled with the decision to move forward with our game as scheduled. We thought about what we have all been through, all the struggles we have endured, and then we thought of the fact that through all of the chaos, there was one consistent theme throughout the state, we are Jersey Strong!

We owe it to our fans, to the City of Asbury Park, to the State of New Jersey to give back to our community and provide a sense of normalcy to everyone this holiday season. A lot of our girls, like you all, have lost our homes, our jobs, our sense of safety, we are unpracticed and humble, however, we are pleased to announce, that despite all of this, the Jersey Shore Roller Girls 2012 Season Championship game is going forward as planned on November 24, 2012 in Asbury Park's beautiful Convention Hall.

The Golden Skate can only go to one team, who will it be? The Murder Beach Militia who haven't held the championship title since 2010? Or will it be the Right Coast Rollers who have been chasing the title of champion since 2008? The last time these two teams met, (June) bodies flew, tempers flared and penalties were abundant. With a few months to settle down and train a little bit more, the winner can be anyone's guess! We hope you will all come out and support us and the City of Asbury Park for the tree lighting ceremony and the ensuing game.

JSRG is pleased to announce that the Jersey Jr. Derby Girls will be playing their first ever mini bout at half-time! These girls are amazing! We are so proud of all of their progress, you don't want to miss this!

Get your tickets at or directly at Tickets are $25 for VIP and $20 regular admission at the door, $15 with military ID and $10 for children 10 and under.

For more information about the Jersey Shore Roller Girls, visit or email